General Counsel

As your General Counsel, 

KC Anderson Law works with you to ensure your legal obligations are met and that your company grows. 

We ensure:

  • risks you may face are identified and anticipated, 
  • regulations are scrupulously complied,  
  • quality is high, and
  • reliability is maintained.

We provide you and your company the following  services:

  • Developing Business Plans,
  • Business Formation, 
  • Contracts Writing & Review,
  • Business Advisory,
  • Regulatory Compliance,
  • Business Expansion, and
  • Working with the U.S. Government.

We resolve issues for our clients.

When you have a legal issue, need to raise money, are starting from the ground up and need investment and guidance, give us a call at 301-909-3355, see what we can do together. 

Our purpose is to create solutions and help you grow your business.