About Us

We're All Business

KC Anderson Law specializes in Business Formation, Business Finance; and serving as general counsel for our client businesses. 

We Understand Hemp and Cannabis Law

We work closely with cultivators, processors, and purveyors of hemp, and medical and recreational cannabis. We enable them to comply with state and federal legal and regulatory requirements. 

We Provide Knowledge and Experience

We help start-up and small companies develop solid business plans and provide business services that make their company attractive to investors. 

Client Benefits

Our Eight Rules for Starting a Business

1. Decide to start a business;

2. Develop a business plan;

3. Develop a worst-case plan (what if );

4. Establish clear communications;


5. Choose your partners/employees/investors carefully. Trust, reliability, and ethics are key. Without those, no contract can protect you from litigation and problems, both costly to business;

6. Expect the unexpected (see number 3);

7. Don’t get greedy, be good to your employees, suppliers, customers, community, management, and owners/investors;

8. Know when to sell/merge.

When KC Anderson Law Represents You

 Our entire firm is behind your success, providing business and legal counsel.
We provide our clients with the ability to access our expertise on a regular basis and use the company infrastructure provided by our firm.
These include, 

  • Raising Capital
  • Human Resources (recruiting, hiring, training, and administering pay and benefits) 
  • Accounting
  • Audits
  • General Administration
  • Office Facilities and Support

Our Office Security Team

Chief Elvis

German and Australian Shepherd mix, 

Black and Tan, 65lbs,

 Cool... natural leader, excellent strategist, strong, silent, in charge.

Major Misha

Doberman Pincher, Black and Red, 70lbs, 

Gentle, powerful, perceptive, dedicated, superior tracker, motivated.

Major Misha is posing with KC, below.

Sergeant Pepper

Great Dane, Gray, 120lbs, 

Alert, and usually first on the scene, powerful, fast, and playful. Our youngest officer.

KC's Background

KC, (in shirt) with Major Misha of our security detail.


KC possesses over 30 years of experience successfully marketing Fortune 500 company's goods and services worldwide. 

He now uses that knowledge and experience to help you take your business or concept as far as you wish.

KC spent several years as a civil and criminal trial lawyer. In that practice he  assisted many clients who also owned their own businesses. In working with these clients, KC realized that his experience with business and marketing, along with legal knowledge and skill provided him a unique opportunity to serve his clients. 

KC moved his practice from the courtroom to the garage, attic office, back-bedroom start-up office. KC now provides his clients with strategy, finance, and contracts.  

KC writes business plans, advises businesses, creates new businesses, and supports new businesses. He helps those businesses raise capital, manage their infrastructure, and ensure the businesses reach their goals.

KC said,

  “I  concentrate my practice on assisting entrepreneurs succeed at their business by raising capital and providing legal and business support.” 

“Every day I know there will be challenging problems to solve, obstacles to overcome. THAT's what makes it fun and exciting!"


"As a firm, we see the possibilities of the future, we are building a bright future for our workforce, customers, communities, and ourselves.”


Mr. Anderson holds a BA from St. Mary's College of Maryland; MA, JD, and MBA from the University of Baltimore schools of Design, Law, and Business; he has completed studies in: 

  • Strategy and Innovation at MIT, Sloan School of Management; 
  • Proactive Leadership at Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations; 
  • Strategic Innovation and Breakthrough Performance at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College; 
  • Human Resources Management SHRM, and Project Management at Villanova University; and 
  • Leadership and Team Effectiveness at Yale University, School of Management.