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Our success is dependent upon your success, therefore we do not represent every business.

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Decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, and early to mid-phase companies.

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When meeting with us please be prepared.

1. Have a rudimentary Business Plan; (remember, if you become a client, we will provide you with a comprehensive Business Plan); 

  • know what your business is, 
  • how you plan to make money, 
  • what your goals are for the business, 
  • your exit strategy. 

2. Keep an open mind. In discussing your concept we may have some suggestions that could modify your plan, we need to explore those options together. 

3. Our meeting will take about an hour. We  will discuss your business, and the best way in which to fund your progress. 

4. When we agree to work together, your company and KC Anderson Law will agree upon the terms for our support, set you up as a client, and begin work promoting your business and raising capital!

"Example of What We Do" below, is An example of the types of solutions we develop for our clients. In the situation described, one of our clients, a large national cultivator requested that we enable them to expand using dedicated contractors. 

We were able to assemble a group of client companies to fulfill the national cultivator's needs. In this way we enabled all clients to grow. Our original client has their team of contractors and each company now holds a contract that will enable them to plan and grow more confidently. We aggressively seek out win-win situations.

Example of What We Do

1. Client Requirement

Our client required a dedicated group of companies to serve the operational needs of their farms nationwide. Services required included, human resources; farmland; agricultural buildings, either steel or tilt-up concrete;  greenhouses; greenhouse infrastructure; computer control systems; major power and water systems; solar and wind power generation; and security, including the use of RFIDs in personnel badges, equipment, and products; and a high security requirement (fence lines, working dogs, cameras, drones, and robotics where applicable).

2. Seeking a Solution

We sought companies that could  fulfill our client's requirements. We identified and vetted appropriate companies, and negotiated contracts between our client and the companies. Because the companies are all very early stage, the contracts with our client will provide each company with a strong business base from which to grow and prosper. 

We began solving one company's problem, and created a solution for a dozen companies.  WIN/WIN

3. Creation of Grower's Alliance

We formed the Grower's Alliance, which enables the 11 companies that  compose the Alliance to work closely together on projects for our client. This arrangement provides our client with the dedicated support required, enhancing each company's bottom line, ensuring investors in those companies earn a healthy return. We strive to create business situations in which all participants do well.

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